Human IgG

The immunoglobulin G glycoprotein (IgG) is a major effector molecule of the immune response in humans. It accounts for about 75% of the total immunoglobulins in plasma of healthy individuals.

IgG activates the classical pathway of the complement system and antibodies of the IgG class generally express their activity during a secondary antibody response, and the appearance of specific IgG antibodies generally corresponds with the maturation of the antibody response, which is observed following repeated contact with an antigen.

In comparison with the other antibody classes, IgG antibodies have relatively high affinity and persist in the circulation for a long time.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a wide range of Human IgG immunoglobulins. Our ultra purified Human IgG is a 99% purified from serum is one of top selling IgGs and customers can order this in large bulk amounts if required. Another extremely pure option is our Human IgG protein that comes as a lyophilized form and it can be ordered in 1 mg, 10 mg or even larger volumes.

This Human IgG protein is 95% pure and can be used in multiple applications including ELISA, WB and in SDS-PAGE.

We also offer a range of specialized Human IgG formats for use in certain binding assays which require specific binding to different regions of Human IgG including:

Human IgG Fc   Human IgG (H + L)    Human IgG Fab protein   Human Fab’2

In addition, we list all the major Human IgG isotypes including Human IgG1, Human IgG2, Human IgG3 and Human IgG4 for use as isotype controls in assays such as flow cytometry. We also supply conjugated IgG such as our top selling Human IgG (FITC) and Human IgG (HRP) ideal for use in immunofluorescence and chemiluminescent applications, respectively.

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