Mouse IgG

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is a glycoprotein antibody that regulates immune responses such as phagocytosis and is also involved in the development of autoimmune diseases.

IgG is the main antibody isotype found in blood and extracellular fluid allowing it to control infection of body tissues. IgG binds multiple different kinds of pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and fungi, protecting the body from infection. IgG uses several immune mechanisms to achieve this; binding of pathogens causes their immobilization and agglutination; coating of pathogen surfaces allows their recognition and ingestion by phagocytic immune cells; IgG also activates the classical pathway of the complement system, a cascade of immune protein production that results in pathogen elimination as well as binding and neutralizing toxins.

Mouse IgG is composed of four peptide chains — two heavy chains and two light chains and has two antigen binding sites. IgG is a monomer while other immunoglobulins may be described as polymers.  Mouse IgG typically constitutes 75% of serum immunoglobulins and are synthesized and secreted by plasma B cells. Mouse IgG is a perfect negative control for Flow Cytometry, Western blotting, immunoprecipitation and immunohistochemistry applications.

Fitzgerald Industries supplies a full range of mouse immunoglobulins, from pure normal Mouse IgG to IgG fragments and conjugated Mouse IgG. The purified Mouse IgG SDS-PAGE image below shows one of our most popular products. It can be applied to ELISA, WB, IHC and IP. (Lane 1: Mouse IgG reduced, 160 kDa; Lane 3: Mouse IgG non-reduced, 28/55 kDa).

Mouse IgG on SDS PAGE

Purified Mouse IgG is >97% pure and is supplied in a liquid phosphate buffer without any preservatives added.

Mouse IgG (H + L) Ultra Pure is >99% pure and is free from all proteases and any other species IgG. It is protein A purified by size exclusion chromatography.

Mouse IgG fragments we supply include Mouse IgG Fab’2 fragments, which are used for specific applications, to avoid binding of antibodies to live cells with Fc receptors or to Protein A or Protein G. We also offer Mouse IgG Fc fragment which is composed of two heavy chains that contribute two or three constant domains depending on the class of the antibody. The Fc part of an IgG plays a role in modulating immune cell activity.

We also provide a broad range of conjugated Mouse IgG such as Mouse IgG (FITC) which is excellent for use in immunofluoresence applications, and Mouse IgG (HRP) which can be used in IHC, ELISA and in Western blooting.

In addition, we have a wide range of mouse immunoglobulins for the four distinct Mouse IgG isotypes, IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b and IgG3. Below are our top selling different IgG isotypes, all of which also come in conjugated forms as FITC or HRP conjugates.

Mouse IgG1  Mouse IgG2a  Mouse IgG2b  Mouse IgG3

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