Purified Proteins

Protein StructurePurified proteins are essential elements of scientific research of every disease and every biochemical pathway in humans, animals, viruses, bacteria, plants and every living organism.

Recombinant proteins which are engineered to mimic structures and activities of native proteins are the most commonly used in R&D due to their stability and the fact that they can be manufactured according to the users needs, eg. by sequence, by tag, and by expression and purity levels. Native proteins are proteins which are in their native or natural conformations and maintain their normal functions such as enzymes, inhibitors, or activators of certain pathways.

Conjugated proteins are used in various different applications, where a tag, such as a His tag or GST tag can be used as a method of capture or detection of the protein, or labels such as FITC or HRP can be used as a detection molecule in IHC and Immunofluorescence assays.

Blocking peptides are a specific group of peptides which are used in numerous assays such as western blotting, IHC, and ELISA as a method to validate positive binding of an antibody. The sequence of the blocking peptide is identical to the epitope sequence to which the antibody binds, such that when present in an assay, it will block the antibody from binding to the 'real' epitope of a protein of interest by binding to the antibody itself. In the absence of the blocking peptide, if the antibody is specific for the epitope, it will give a positive signal by binding to the epitope of protein of interest.

At Fitzgerald we also offer a large range of Complement proteins including a number of human complement proteins and animal complement serum.