Reovirus Type 3 protein (Mouse) (30-1266)

Purified native Reovirus Type 3 protein (Mouse)

Synonyms Murine Reovirus Type 3 protein, Reovirus protein, Reovirus 3 protein, Orthoreovirus type 3 protein, Reo-3 protein, Reo 3 protein, Reovirus Type 3, Mouse Reovirus Type 3
Species Mouse
Protein Type Native


Source Produced in LLC cells
Form & Buffer Supplied in 50 mM Glyceine buffer, pH 9.0, with 0.2% CHAPS and 0.01% SDS
Concentration 1 mg/ml

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at -70 deg C

General Information

Biological Significance Reovirus type 3 can infect many different rodent species and is prevalent in laboratory rodent colonies. It is a common contaminant of transplantable tumor cell lines and other biological materials. Infection of neonatal mice with Reo-3 can lead to a multi-systematic disease that is characterized by necrotizing hepatitis, myocarditis, pancreatitis, and meningoencephalitis. Steatorrhoea often develops secondary to liver disease and results in “oily skin” appearance.

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