Research Reagents

Research and Biological reagents cover a broad range of biologicals and chemicals for use in assay development and day to day experimental use.

We have a comprehensive list of reagents including:

Substrates such as TMB for use in ELISA, ECL Western Blotting Kit, and Alkaline Phosphatase membrane substrate BCIP/NBT Substrate.

Surfactants which include a broad range of surfactants for use as wetting agents, detergents and emulsifiers. Find out more information on our surfactants information page.

Controls & Calibrators which include a huge range of istotype controls, and calibrator sets such as CRP calibrator, ApoA and ApoB calibrator, and Troponin I calibrator set all for use in cardiac marker assays.

Mounting Media & Preservatives such as Microcide I (also II and III available) for broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against bacteria and fungi and are compatible with most formulations.

IHC Reagents listing almost 100 antibody especially pre-formulated for IHC in a ready to use prediluted antibody solution.


Check them all out on our miscellaneous reagents page or visit our homepage and search for your product of interest!