HAMA blocker

HAMA (Human anti-mouse antibody) interference is a common source of poor results in most types of immunoassays such as ELISA, EIA, RIA, Western blotting, protein arrays, lateral flow assays (immuno-chromatography), immunohistochemistry or immuno-PCR. This presents a significant problem for diagnostic and pharmaceutical users, often causing false positive results in about 10% of assays. These false results have significant impact on the quality and competitiveness of the diagnostic assays.

HAMA blocker is a highly potent reagent that actively blocks the heterophilic antibody (HA) interference in immunoassays including but not limited to Human Anti-Mouse Antibody (HAMA) interference. HAMA blocking reagent is a formulation of immunoglobulins specifically targeted against heterophilic antibodies which cause this interference.

We offer numerous different HAMA blocking reagents which can be applied to different assay such as:

HAMA blocking reagent for ELISA

HAMA blocking reagent for Rapid Test

HAMA blocking reagent for IHC and IF

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We have compared these to our competitor's blocking reagents and have shown that HAMA binding is blocked significantly more by our reagents -

HAMA blocking in ELISA -

HAMA blocker results in ELISA versus competitors

HAMA blocking in Rapid Test -

HAMA blcoking reagents versus competitors in Rapid Tests


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