Ricin antibody (10-1530)

Mouse monoclonal Ricin antibody

Synonyms Monoclonal Ricin antibody, Anti-Ricin antibody, Ricin toxin antibody, Ricinus communis toxin antibody, RCA60 antibody, RCAII antibody, Ricin D antibody, RCL III antibody, RCL 3 antibody
Specificity Ricin
Applications ELISA
Immunogen Ricin antibody was raised in Mouse using Ricin as the immunogen


Host Mouse
Clone M61695
Isotype IgG1
Form & Buffer Supplied in liquid form

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at -20 deg C, avoid freeze/thaw cycles

General Information

Biological Significance Ricin, from the castor oil plant Ricinus communis, is a highly toxic, naturally occurring protein. A dose the size of a few grains of table salt can kill an adult human. The LD50 of ricin is around 22 micrograms per kilogram (1.78 mg for an average adult, around 1/228 of a standard aspirin tablet/0.4 g gross).

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