Fitzgerald Industries offers one of the most extensive ranges of Anti-Human secondary antibodies available. Our range of purified anti human antibodies are specific for all human immunoglobulin classes as well as subclasses, and fragments. They are available in unconjugated format as well as conjugates of alkaline phosphatase (AP), horseradish peroxidase (HRP), biotin, fluorescent conjugates such as FITC and more, Fc specific, Fab and Fab’2 fragments and light, heavy, lambda and gamma chains are also available.

Host species for our anti-Human secondary antibodies include goat, rabbit, mouse, chicken, cow, rat, sheep and others.

Our anti-human secondary antibodies are the ideal choice for research and diagnostic use in Immunology, Haematology, ELISA, Immunoassays, Western Blotting, Flow Cytometry and more. We supply anti-Human versions of all the major immunoglobulins and their subtypes including

Goat anti Human IgG (HRP) which is excellent for use in ELISA, IHC and Western blotting with its HRP label as the detection molecule.

Goat anti Human IgM is a popular anti-IgM antibody, and comes as a delipidated and filtered serum, supplied in Tris saline buffer with a sodium azide preservative.

Goat anti Human IgA antibody is also HRP labelled comes as a polyclonal IgG fraction in PBS buffer.

Mouse anti Human IgE (HRP) is a purifed monoclonal IgG against human IgE and it can be optimized for numerous applications.

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