IgA antibodies

IgA is a neutralizing antibody. It disrupts pathogens by attaching to and then penetrating epithelial surfaces.  IgA is also a very weak complement activating antibody. Approximately 15% of all immunoglobulins in healthy serum are IgA immunoglobulins. IgA plays a critical role in mucosal immunity, more IgA is produced in mucosal linings than all other types of antibody combined, with up to five grams are secreted into the intestinal lumen each day.

IgA has two subclasses, IgA1 and IgA2, IgA1 comprises approximately 85% of total IgA in serum and exhibits broad resistance against proteases, IgA1 also shows a good immune response to protein antigens. IgA2, although it represents only up to 15% of total IgA in serum, plays a crucial role in the mucosa of the airways, eyes, and the gastrointestinal tract by resisting polysaccharide and lipopolysaccaride antigens.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a wide range of IgA antibodies which are ideal for research and diagnostic use. Our IgA antibodies are available in both purified unconjugated formats and conjugated to most commonly utilized colorimetric and fluorimetric tags. Some of our most popular IgA antibodies are outlined below:

Mouse anti Human IgA (HRP) is a monoclonal anti-human IgA and can be used in ELISA. It is a Protein A purified IgG1 labelled with HRP.

Rabbit anti Mouse IgA (Texas Red) is a rabbit polyclonal mouse IgA antibody which is labelled with Texas Red fluorphore for use in immunofluorescence assays such as FACS, microscopy and ELISA.

This unconjugated Rabbit anti Bovine IgA is excellent for Western blotting and ELISA.

Goat anti Pig IgA (FITC) is affinity purified and can be used in immunocytochemistry and FACS with its FITC label as a means of detection.

We have IgA antibodies expressed in most commonly utilized host species and specific for human, porcine, goat, mouse, sheep or pig IgA. See all of our secondary antibodies for more information.