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Animal Serum and red blood cell products play a vital role in successful cell cultures whether in small scale research applications or large scale industrial production. Animal serum is a highly complex organic solution which contains a range of cellular components including vitamins, nutrients, nucleosides, amino acids, carbohydrates, hormones and more. Serum not only provides the necessary nutrition to a cell, it is also an essential medium promoting most or all cellular functions essential to a healthy cell culture such as mitosis, attachment and proliferation. Fitzgerald Industries offers a wide range of animal serum and blood cell products for use in industrial, research, education and diagnostic applications. Our range of high quality, high purity animal serum products includes goat serum, rabbit serum, horse serum, bovine serum, porcine serum, chicken serum and newborn calf serum/foetal bovine serum. We also have a wide variety of red blood cells for sale including hamster, goat, mouse, canine, feline, rabbit, guinea pig red blood cells and many more. Fitzgerald also offers a variety of specialized animal serum products for sale including protease free and IgG free bovine serum and EDTA and sodium citrate prepared plasmas. Animal serums and red blood cells are available to buy in bulk quantities or smaller sizes on request with a wide variety of source, purity, treatment and filtration levels to suit your needs. Our range of serums and rbc’s is continuously updated with new products and other species can be sourced on request so please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements.
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  1. Bovine Red Blood Cells (88R-B002)

    Glutaraldehyde-stabilized freshly prepared Bovine Red Blood Cells
    Species: Bovine
  2. Chicken Red Blood Cells (88R-C001)

    Washed and freshly prepared 10% suspension of Chicken Red Blood Cells
    Species: Chicken
  3. Chicken Red Blood Cells (88R-C002)

    Glutaraldehyde-stabilized freshly prepared Chicken Red Blood Cells
    Species: Chicken
  4. Dog Red Blood Cells (88R-D004)

    Glutaraldehyde-stabilized freshly prepared Dog Red Blood Cells
    Species: Dog
  5. Equine Serum Albumin (88R-1048)

    Equine Serum Albumin standard grade powder.
    Species: Horse
    Applications: Control
    Purity: > 96% pure
  6. FBS Liquid Media (88-NB05)

    Fetal Bovine Serum (US origin)
    Species: Bovine

Items 1 to 10 of 91 total