Human Serum & Plasma

Blood is comprised of several factors, mainly plasma, serum, white blood cells for immune response and red blood cells for oxygen transport. The most notable difference between serum and plasma lies in the presence of clotting factors, blood serum is mostly water containing dissolved hormones, proteins, carbon dioxide and minerals, it contains 6-8% of the proteins found in blood but does not contain the main blood clotting agent, fibrinogen. Plasma is a yellowish, clear liquid mainly composed of water which makes up 50-60% of the bloods volume. Blood plasma contains fibrinogen and other blood clotting factors not found in plasma. Serum and plasma are usually produced by separating donated blood through centrifugation. Many cell cultures involving the use of human cell lines as well as diagnostic applications such as immunohistochemical staining, antigen typing etc will not function efficiently in the presence of commonly used animal serum media such as foetal bovine serum. Many of these applications require the addition of human serum to the culture medium. Fitzgerald Industries a wide range of human serum and plasma products for sale for use in diagnostic, research, industrial and educational applications with a range of specialized serum and plasma products which allow the user to optimize any procedure for maximum efficacy. These include CRP Free/CRP depleted human serum, Cystatin free human serum, Insulin depleted human serum, Troponin free human serum, Sodium Heparin Human Plasma and many more. A range of human serum calibrators and controls are also available allowing the operator to achieve specific, replicable results every time. Human serum and plasma products are available in bulk quantities or smaller sizes depending on your needs so please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements.
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  1. Human Serum (CRP Depleted) (90R-105)

    C-reactive protein depleted normal human serum
    Species: Human
  2. Human Serum (CRP free) (90R-100)

    C-reactive protein free normal human serum
    Species: Human
  3. Human Serum (Cystatin C Depleted) (90R-108)

    Human Serum & Plasma Human Serum (Cystatin C Depleted)
    Species: Human

Items 1 to 10 of 22 total