Shipping Information

Fitzgerald utilizes overnight air delivery service Federal Express (FedEx).and United Parcel Services (UPS). Due to the nature of the commodity, certain conditions may require the use of a freight forwarder, but if required, customers will be notified in advance.

All freight charges are sent collect unless prior arrangements have been made. The shipment of hazardous items is governed by the US Department of Transportation and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Some products may require special packaging and shipping. Items shipped under refrigeration will incur the following additional charges per shipment.

Fedex and UPS Shipment Charges

Domestic $26.00
Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico $65.00
Rest of World $95.00

Handling charges per carton


Blue Ice $25.00
Dry Ice $40.00


Blue Ice $40.00
Dry Ice $75.00

Special Export $75.00 per shipment (USDA Certificate if necessary).
Certificate of Origin $40.00 per shipment

Special Instructions

Special customer requests including filling, packaging, shipping, required documentation, or other details should be communicated at the time the order is placed to assure compliance. If delay or jeopardy of the shipment is caused due to customer’s failure to communicate special information or requirements, the customer shall be responsible for the cost of the shipment.