Transthyretin ELISA kit (55R-1889)

ELISA kit for the detection of Transthyretin in the research laboratory

Synonyms TTR ELISA kit, Transthyretin ELISA kit, TBPA ELISA kit, ATTR ELISA kit, PALB ELISA kit, Amyloid polyneuropathy ELISA kit, Amyloidosis I ELISA kit, Dysprealbuminemic euthyroidal hyperthyroxinemia ELISA kit, Dystransthyretinemic hyperthyroxinemia ELISA kit, HsT2651 ELISA kit, Prealbumin amyloidosis type I ELISA kit, Senile systemic amyloidosis ELISA kit, TTR ELISA kit.
Applications ELISA
Assay Information Sensitivity: < 0.24 ng/ml

General Information

Biological Significance Transthyretin (TTR) is a serum and cerebrospinal fluid carrier of the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4) and retinol binding protein bound to retinol. This is how transthyretin gained its name, transports thyroxine and retinol. The liver secretes transthyretin into the blood, and the choroid plexus secretes TTR into the cerebrospinal fluid.

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Transthyretin ELISA kit Protocol

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